Swatching the Quince Fantastic

Swatching the Quince Fantastic

Gave myself a little break last night from my current cardigan pattern, and tried out some new yarn. Quince and Co Chickadee and Tern. Chickadee is 100% wool, 3-ply, about 6 sts per inch on 4 mm needles.

Really soft, springy, and has fantastic stitch definition. Tern is 75% wool, 25% silk, about 7 sts per inch on 3.5 mm needles. A little bit of drape, but still springy enough to have structure. A delight to work with. And this gave me an excuse (not that I need one) to try out my new Japanese pattern books.

Quince Co Swatch

Quince and Co Tern in color Back Bay. This is a nice little stitch pattern from my new Japanese stitch reference book. Really easy to work and memorize, it very cleverly creates a undulating, non-curling pattern.

Quince Knitting Swatch

And flip the swatch over, and what a treat! It's reversible. I'm always on the hunt for non-curling reversible stitch patterns. Hmm, I foresee another scarf pattern...

Quince and Co Chickadee in color Twig. The stitch pattern is a medley of various ideas.

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