What is this place?

This is a place where I share ideas about design, learning, culture, art, and technology. This is a place to be interested in the things that are interesting. "Chicken and Egg" because I'm always encountering that question in life and work. And because unanswerable questions are fun.


Symphony of efficiency: the UX lessons in The Founder

The Founder might leave you feeling uneasy about the American Dream but it's fascinating from a user experience perspective. The movie illustrates how iteration and designing for human experience can transform an industry.

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The weight of my love for books

When we moved from one side of the country to the middle of it, from paradise to winter, we brought everything with us. Including 5,000 pounds of books.

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Beyond WordPress and Drupal: This site is powered by Craft CMS!

My old static site, lovingly built with these two hands, had served me well. But it was time for a content management system. Join me on a journey, a journey of choosing the right CMS.

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Vintagechicken Masked

The egg that came first: deep thoughts

Some thoughts on thinking.

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