Swatching the night away

Swatching the night away

I take perverse pleasure in the fact that my computer's default dictionary does not recognize swatch as a verb. As in to swatch, swatched, swatching. All underlined in red. I'm a linguistic rebel.

Just a little snapshot today (but don't worry, there's knitting substance on its way too). Trying to carve out a little quality-time this week. Get the laundry put away. Buy food. Having good times with the kids. Looking for a good ginger cookie recipe. The chewy kind, but without chocolate, anyone have a recipe like that?

Little C wants to make cookies for the Everybody Deserves A Smile charity drive at school (care packages for the homeless). Charles is in Ottawa, and everyone is counting down to Christmas. So I have 2 lbs of butter and a lot of molasses to kill the time.

My side tables are usually littered with a forest of needles and swatches, sort of like this, but this is tidied up for the sake of the photo. In situ, it's much messier, with empty pudding cups and wine glasses and halloween candy wrappers and tv remotes and phones and notebooks.

Speaking of tv, the kids and are I enjoying the Mythbusters a lot. Do you think they foresaw their success? To have brand-name guests like Obama and James Cameron on their show? (Not that those two are the same category, but you know what I mean). Little C is determined to be a Mythbuster when he grows up.
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