Knitting Stitches: Irish Moss Stitch

Irish Moss Stitch is the British version of the American Seed Stitch. Also called Moss Stitch, British Moss Stitch, Rice Stitch.

The cast on and the number of rows is variable depending on the size of pattern you're knitting, making it an excellent stitch for beginners.

Makes a very pretty non-curling fabric.

From our Library of Knitting Stitches

Irish Moss Stitch
Irish Moss Stitch

// Mult 2 + 1 (ie, odd number of sts)
Cast on 21
Row 1: * K1, p1 rep from *; k1
Row 2: Repeat row 1
Repeat Rows 1-2 4x

To knit this pattern you can print this page, or knit it right from the screen.
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