Knitting Stitches

Welcome to the Tricksy Knitter library of knitting stitches - charts made auto-magically from stitching instructions.

If you find any errors in any of these stitch charts please don't hesitate to let us know.

A note before going on: Some of these patterns are all as old as the hills and are the property of the knitting community, some were designed by Tricksy Knitter and are free for you to use in any way you would like. We started this library to help knitters share their ideas and teach each other. If you find a pattern here that is copyrighted material please advise us and we will contact the original designer. This library is for sharing only of material that is free to share. Enjoy.

Alternating Welted Leaf Pattern

Knitting Stitches: Alternating Welted Leaf Pattern

Seeded Chevron

Knitting Stitches: Seeded Chevron

Frost Flowers

Knitting Stitches: Frost Flowers

Basketweave Stitch Alternate

Wave Stitch Chart

Knitting Stitches: Wave Stitch Chart

Chevron Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Chevron Stitch

Shell Lace Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Shell Lace Stitch

Irish Moss Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Irish Moss Stitch

Demi Chevron Bookmark

Knitting Stitches: Demi Chevron Bookmark

Dewdrop Cloth

Knitting Stitches: Dewdrop Cloth

Double Seed Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Double Seed Stitch

King Charles Brocade Border

Knitting Stitches: King Charles Brocade Border

Sand Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Sand Stitch

Feather and Fan Variation

Knitting Stitches: Feather and Fan Variation src="pattern653tjpg" align="middle" border="0" />

Ripple Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Ripple Stitch

Castellane Border Pattern

Knitting Stitches: Castellane Border Pattern

Crest of the Wave

Knitting Stitches: Crest of the Wave

Fool's Welt

Knitting Stitches: Fools Welt

Mistake Rib Stitch

Knitting Stitches: Mistake Rib Stitch

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