Knitting Patterns for Babies

Simple Newborn Hat with a touch of lace from Small Things
Sweet and simple newborn hat pattern, with an easy-to-work but very effective lace border.

legwarmiesLegwarmies for Babies and Toddlers from Never not Knitting
These are the perfect cool weather accessory for the "little legs" in your life. These are great for chilly mornings because they are so easy to slip off when the sun comes out.

littlesisterLittle Sister's Dress by Tora Frøseth Design
Sweet little dress or pullover, knitted from the top down, seamless, raglan, great for beginners.

Kanoko Pants from Harumidori designs
Cutest little knitted baby pants. And a great project for the beginner knitter who wants to practice knitting in the round.


Top Down Bonnet with Anime Character
Free knitting pattern for an adorable bonnet. And the pattern is versatile so you can change the embellishments for a whole new character.


First Grade Socks Pattern by Marina Hayes
Sweet socks with a fold down ruffle.


Garter Stitch Kimono by Joji Locatelli
The design of this is so simple, and yet so practical. Kimono closure jackets are perfect for babies. Check out the other colors of this project on Ravelry to see how versatile this design is.


Berry Baby Hat by Michele Sabatier
You see what I mean about babies having different fashion rules than us? Free baby hat pattern for a berry hat. Change the colors, and you have a whole new fruit. Or vegetable.


Snug: Free Pattern for Baby Hoodie
Adorable and a great pattern for the beginner knitter looking for a seamless baby knitting pattern.


Impress Dress: Free Baby Knitting Pattern from Pickles
The Pickles website has some sweet patterns, and they generously give some of them away for free to promote their yarn. This baby dress, socks, and hat pattern is delicious.


Giacomo's Baby Hat: Free Pattern from the purl bee


Whit's Knits: Heirloom Hats for Newborns
Free online pattern and detailed instructions for knitting in the round from the Purl Bee.


Lucille Cardi and Hat for Baby from Kelbourne Woolens: Free Pattern
Sweet set of hat and cardi with a vintage feel. Love the ribbons on the hat.


Double Breasted Seed Stitch Baby Hoodie: Free Pattern
By Elinor Brown from Irresistible.


Cabled Baby Vest from the purl bee
Another free online pattern from Whit's Knits Knitting Journal at Step by step instructions with fab photos.


Free Pattern: The Fiddlehead Pullover from Kelbourne Woolens
Available on the Purl Bee, a sweet and classic baby pullover knitting pattern.

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