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If you're looking for knitting patterns and tips, a knitting book is a great tool. But don't forget about knitting magazines. Chock full of yarn and book reviews, tips and tricks, and patterns, they are excellent value for your money. And most magazines include the designer's name with each pattern, so you can follow the designers that you like in Ravelry. These magazines are also a key publishing outlet for new independent designers (like me!), so you get to support a few dreams too. If you have a knitter in you life, a knitting magazine, or magazine subscription, makes a great gift. Here's a list of knitting magazines. If there are any more magazines that you think should be added, drop me a comment at the bottom of the page.

Interweave Knits Beautifully photographed, excellent articles, thoughtful designs. Lots of challenging techniques and technical tips. Lovely models who are both beautiful and human looking.

Interweave's special editions Interweave Knits Weekend, Interweave Knits Holiday Gifts, Interweave Knits Accessories, Interweave Knit*Wear.

Knitscene (also by Interweave) Tagline: Simple-stylish-spirited.  A little more casual than its cousin, Interweave Knits, KnitScene is a lovely approachable knitting magazine. I like that they feature an indie designer in each issue. (If you have Fall 2010, check out the success story of Hannah Fettig, designer of the incredibly successful Featherweight Cardigan).

Creative Knitting This is a nice approachable magazine; their tagline is "Easy Knitting for Everyone." It doesn't feel like a craft magazine doubling as a fashion magazine, as other magazines sometimes do. It has very little advertising or filler. Just many wearable, straightforward patterns. Its newsstand price is a little less than the glossier mags, about $6. It comes out 6 times a year.

Vogue Knitting Glossy, dramatically styled, Vogue Knitting is a lot of fun. Although there are usually a few almost-outrageous designs in Vogue Knitting (no I will NOT wear that gold lamé bikini), there is always something classic and wearable. I love the
eyelet wrap top in Spring/Summer 2011.

Knit Simple Tagline: Yarn-life-fun. Also published by SoHo, Knit Simple's name says it all. Lots of simple knits and basic garments. They often have plus size models (ie, like regular people), and all of their models are human looking. (Vogue Knitting is where you go for dramatic makeup and accessories). This makes it easier to visualize yourself in the garment.

Debbie Bliss Magazine Features designs in Debbie Bliss yarn, published by SoHo (aka, Vogue Knitting). The Debbie Bliss design style has always offered something for everyone. Classic lines, designs for the home and for kids. Sometimes dramatic, Vogue-like photography, which I personally enjoy looking at. Very appealing.

Knit! (previously known as Yarn Forward) Tagline: Real patterns, real people, real inspiration! A knitting magazine from the UK, I subscribe to this one online at It's a great deal: I joined the subscription club on yudu, and that gives me online access to all new and back issues of Knit! and Yarn Forward. There's always a really good tip in the magazine.

More magazines...

  • Knitting Today A new magazine. Looks like the same publisher as The Knitter. Bright photography, casual fun designs.

  • The Knitter A high end UK magazine. I've only seen this once at Chapters.

  • Filati A German magazine which features designs for Lana Grossa yarn. I don't know how often this magazine comes out, but the issue I bought, Edition 42, has beautiful designs.

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