Tiny Pants

Tiny Pants

You never know when you’re going to need a pair of Tiny Pants. This pattern is for a simple seamless diaper cover, great for photo shoots. The pattern instructions are given for two sizes, but since babies come in all shapes and sizes, I’ve included some tips on how to modify the pattern. This pattern is suitable for the beginner knitter who is comfortable knitting in the round. 

Skill Level Easy 

Finished Measurements Hip circumference: 14 (15) inches 

Yarn Approx 120yds DK or worsted weight yarn Sample on left: Knit Picks Andean Silk 96yds/50g per ball, with Elann Silken Kydd stranded in for contrast stripes Sample on right: Knit Picks City Tweed DK 123yds/50g per ball 

Gauge 20 stitches and 28 rows = 4 inches/10cm in stockinette (stocking) stitch, blocked. 

Needles DPN’s (or your preferred needles for knitting in the round): US 7/4.5mm (or size needed to obtain gauge) US 6/4.0mm 

Other Supplies 3 markers stitch holders or scrap yarn blunt yarn needle 

Construction Notes Tiny pants are worked from the waist down, in the round. Leg openings are worked separately, in the round. Gusset is grafted.


Pants pattern

With smaller needles, cast on 68 (72) sts. Being careful not to twist stitches, join in the round. Place marker for beginning of round.

Work in K2/P2 Rib until work measures 1 1⁄2 inches.

Switch to larger needles.

Work in stocking stitch until work measures 5 3⁄4 (6) inches.


Next Row (marker set up, Inc): *K16 (17), m1L, k1, pm, k1, m1R, k32 (34), m1L, k1, pm, k1, m1R, k16 (17) —72 (76) sts.

Work 2 rows stocking stitch.

Next Row (Inc): *Work to 2 sts bef m, m1L, k2, sm, k2, m1R; rep from * once, work to end of rnd —76 (80) sts.

Next Row (Inc): *Work to 3 sts bef m, m1L, k3, sm, k3, m1R; rep from * once, work to end of rnd —80 (84) sts.
Work 2 rows St st.

Divide for Legs

Switch to smaller needles.

Work first leg

Next Row: K16 (17), set aside next 48 (50 sts) on holder or scrap yarn, k16 (17), joining in round for leg—32 (34) sts.

Work in K2/P2 Rib for 1 1⁄2 inches, decreasing 0 (2) sts evenly across first row of rib.

Bind off loosely, or use a stretchy bind off as follows: K2, *put tip of left needle through front of these 2 sts, knit them together, k1; rep from * until you have 1 st on right needle, break yarn and draw through last st.


Other leg

Set aside 8sts from beg and 8sts from end of held sts to holder or scrap yarn. Transfer remaining sts on to smaller needles. Rejoin yarn* and join in the round —32 (34) sts.
Work as for first leg.
*For easier finishing, rejoin at the gusset side of the leg, leaving a long tail. You can use the long tail to graft to gusset.


Transfer remaining held sts to 2 needles and graft together using Kitchener stitch.

Weave in ends. Block.


Modification Notes

  • To modify the size, change the cast on in multiples of 4.
  • Stripes are particularly cute in Tiny Pants. If you like stripes, try switching colors every 2-6 rows.
  • Gusset. If you modified the cast on count, work the marker set up row: Knit ((cast on/4)-1), m1L, k1, pm, k1, m1R, knit ((cast on/2)- 2), m1L, k1, pm, k1, m1R, knit ((cast on/4)-1) — 4 sts inc’d.
  • You can work more or fewer Inc rows to change the height of the gusset.
  • Dividing for legs. If you modified the cast on count, divide the legs: Knit ((cast on/4)-1), set aside next ((cast on/2) + 2 + (number of gusset Inc rows x 4)), knit ((cast on/4)-1) — ((cast on/2)-2) sts. 



beg begin, beginning
Inc Increase, increasing
k knit
m1L make 1 left leaning
m1R make 1 right leaning
mult multiple
p purl
pm place marker
rnd round
RS right side
sm slip marker
st(s) stitch(es)
st st stocking stitch, stockinette stitch WS wrong side


Stitch Patterns Used

K2/P2 Rib (mult of 4 sts, in the round)

All Rows: *K2, p2; rep from *.

Knitted baby pants

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