New Free Knitting Pattern

New Free Knitting Pattern

I was delighted to be asked to guest-blog over at favecraftsblog today. This blog for favecrafts is full of crafting tidbits; not just knitting, but jewellery, crochet, baking, paper crafts, sewing and more.

I was browsing this morning, and have already downloaded a free Gingerbread House Design ebook. (Because Christmas is coming whether we like it or not. And the kids always want to make gingerbread houses. And if I don't use a template, my houses look like blobby fallout shelters.)

For my guest post, I presented a new free knitting pattern for 2 quick little lace bookmarks. Knitting this time of year is all about "what can I make in an evening" and these little bookmarks are great for that.

Make 2 or 3 in front of a movie and you've got a lovely gift. The bookmark trio pattern has been really popular, I think partly because it's a small project, but also because it's a great way to try out lace knitting without committing to a huge project.

You can get the new free bookmark pattern at the favecrafts blog.

Shetland Bookmark

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