Knitting for Babies

Knitting for Babies

It's already past 10:30 am, and what have I been doing all morning? Trolling the web for free baby knitting patterns.  I wanted to write a quick article on good places to look for free knitting patterns for babies, and have become trapped in the cuteness of it all.

All these beautiful, tastefully photographed projects, I'm going to have to find me a baby to knit for, cause mine is gettin too big to cuddle. (Is it too early in the morning for Raising Arizona references?)

I worked on a blanket project for a design that's coming out in the fall, and although I worried that knitting a blanket might get boring, it was really satisfying. The weight of the knitted fabric is tactile and comforting, and a blanket is so versatile.

Every day, I'll see something on a blog or website that is just so impressive in its aesthetic qualities. Like this photo of super easy baby blankets from the Purl Bee. Just beautiful colors, geometric lines, and garter stitch in a stack. [Photo: Purl Bee]

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